Making mediation work for you

Kate Aubrey-Johnson with Helen Curtis

First edition |  June 2012  | 516pp  | ISBN: Pb 978 1 903307 93 9  | £40

Cover of Making mediation work for you

This is an accessible guide to how mediation works, providing an introduction for anyone considering mediation as an alternative to going to court.

Making mediation work for you offers guidance to parties and legal advisers on how to set up and prepare for a mediation, highlighting the strategies, skills and techniques mediators can employ to achieve the best possible outcome for the parties involved. There is detailed coverage of civil, family, workplace and community mediation and information on professional standards, ethics and training.


Making mediation work for you is breaking new ground … [The authors] have produced a book which is easy to understand and informs the reader, whether or not a lawyer, precisely what needs to be known about mediation … No matter what the nature of a dispute, this book should provide all the ammunition needed to conduct a successful mediation.’ Lord Woolf, from his foreword.

Each chapter has a handy summary of key points, checklists and extensive cross-referencing to aid navigation. Frequently asked questions are answered by some of the leading names in the mediation field and case studies help bring each chapter to life. There is a wealth of extra resources in the appendices including an extensive list of mediation providers, draft agreements and codes of practice.

Making mediation work for you is essential reading for mediators, legal advisers, HR professionals and anyone considering entering into mediation to settle a dispute.


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